Patient Forms & COVID-19 Form



Instructions for patient forms

  • All forms will need to be done online.  For safety reasons paper forms are not available.
  • Please choose ONE cell number and ONE email for your entire family.
  •  If your child is older and wants to use their cell phone and email for communication, this will change the contact info for your entire family.  We will need to create a separate account for them.  Please call us to set this up prior to filling out forms.

 Need the required COVID-19 form for your visit?

A COVID-19 screening form is required in advance of every appointment for every child. COVID-19 Form

Are you new to our office?

If you have never been seen in our office or it's been 3 years since your last visit click here:  First Visit-New Patient Bundle

Inactive or new dental insurance?

If you received a notification regarding dental insurance information click here:  Insurance Form

Time to update?

If we sent you a request to update information click here:  Update Bundle

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